Cha'alt: Shadows and Codes

The third Cha'alt book, Chartreuse Shadows, is ending soon on Kickstarter. In addition to more gonzo goodness, Venger is bringing a little something extra to the table, Ninjas! Yeah it is not an actual “Ninja 5e Class” but a player hand-out. And you know the hand-out is legit because it has a US area-code of “555”. So, what can you do to counter the Cha'alt Ninja Zoltar Khan Delgado and his followers/students?

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2021-11-07 22:33

Fossil Unversioned Workflow

The Fossil Source Code Management software has the ability to store files without recording a history of changes. By not recording the changes in a file, binary data can be safely stored in a Fossil repository. How can you use Fossil's unversioned command to take advantage of this feature? Read on for some ideas.

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2021-09-27 20:38

Fast Foot (not) First Time

You and your friends are hanging out, as usual. While out and about, your group gets hungry as usual. And, yes as usual, the group decision is to go to some fast food place to eat. Everyone arrives at the fast food “restaurant” and is ready to order except one (or two) people that are staring at the menu like they are a fast food virgin. (Hint: They're not.) WHY???

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2021-07-11 15:26

Cha'alt Fan-Fiction: The Mysteries of the Succubus

A few years ago, two separate ideas came together in an interesting way. After reading some historic speculation about the Library of Alexandria, I came across some documents on the theories about the Succubus.

Idea #1: What if the Library of Alexandria contained books about the Succubus?

Idea #2: What if the Library of Alexandria was not destroyed by fire but the fire was the result of the library being transported through space and time to Cha'alt, becoming The Sunken Library?

The Sunken Library would continue to collect knowledge for study, creating the demand for organizations to go out and collect knowledge for the library. The fan-fiction The Mysteries of the Succubus explores what a knowledge contribution might look like.

2021-06-21 23:08

A New Beginning, Again

What is this? A new blog? Why? The previous software that was used for blogging was getting annoying. Plus, a new graphical web design has been formulating in my mind for awhile. And due to a series of events, a choice had to be made: Rebuild what was or embrace the blessing of Shiva…

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2021-06-09 18:43