A New Beginning, Again

What is this? A new blog? Why? The previous software that was used for blogging was getting annoying. Plus, a new graphical web design has been formulating in my mind for awhile. And due to a series of events, a choice had to be made: Rebuild what was or embrace the blessing of Shiva…


While most of western culture knows Shiva as the “God of Destruction”, Shiva also plays the role of “Creation”. It would be more appropriate for the western mindset to think of Shiva as the “God of Transformation”. The “Blessing of Shiva” in this case would be embracing the destruction of the old website and building a new website to replace it.

Good-Bye Wordpress

Yes, the previous website was using Wordpress. Wordpress is a great Open Source project. Not only is it easy to use but it is very customizable and has some nice security features. Using Wordpress, a simple blogging website to very complex e-commerce stores can be built. Why leave Wordpress if it is so awesome?

Database and Files

The way Wordpress manages data is inconsistent and integrating with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) had some unexpected side-effects. When Wordpress stores data, some data will be stored in a database and other data will be stored as files. It was easy enough to write a program that would backup both the database and files, the problem was 1) managing the backups and 2) restoring the backups. Although the word “easy” was used, the missing context is “tedious”. Yes the data was backed up but the Wordpress Plug-ins were not. So if a full website had to be restored, those Plug-ins need to be considered. And sometimes the order of Plug-In installation matters. Easy? Yes. Tedious? Very much so. No wonder there are so many Backup/Restore services for Wordpress.

Storing everything in a database or everything as files would be better and easier to maintain. The hybrid solution of Wordpress got too annoying.


Using the default CDN provided by Wordpress does not allow an image to be changed. For example, on a Wordpress site you have file called CrucialCritters.png which is an image of Sparkles, The Flamingo. Later, you replace the image with Spazzy, The Squirrel using the same filename. The new image of Spazzy will not appear on the website. Why? The CDN sees the filename of the image and provides the first image associated with that filename. The default CDN does not allow for the image to be changed. Ever. So, not only does the image need to be updated with a new filename but all references to that image must be updated as well. Fun? Nope.

The New Hotness

Learning from past experiences, found another framework to use and hacked on it to create what you see before you. What are the features of this new website?

  • Flat-File Based: No database is required or used.
  • Easy Backups: After removing the temporary directories, the entire website directory can be copied to a backup.
  • Easy Restores: Copy the backup into the website directory and done.
  • Remote Updates: New content can be created locally then pushed to the server.
  • Security: This framework has fewer access points than Wordpress and with a few more hacks, even those will be closed.

What is the framework? Not telling…