The Mysteries of the Succubus

Cha'alt was created by Venger Satanis.

The Mysteries of the Succubus is a fan-fiction and is Copyrighted by Andrew “Zakero” Moore.


This book belongs to the Library of Musaeum for further study and translation.

Published by Zakero's Ministries of Mysteries.

All races across the Great Sea of Stars had stories of females appearing out of nowhere offering “sexual release” to willing males. The speculation was that these beings were either imaginary, angles, demons, or something else entirely. Obtaining any type of evidence to support the existence of Succubus was nigh impossible.

Sometime after The Awakening War started, the Succubus made themselves officially known. The Succubus is a predominately female race that live in a parallel reality. If anyone knew why the Succubus left their realm to fight and die along side the other races against the Old Ones, that knowledge has been lost to the sands of Cha'alt.

What follows is surviving knowledge that was collected about the Succubus.

The Awakening War

The Succubus did not use their own technology against the Old Ones in The Awakening War and primarily only worked with the Elf and Human races. There were a few races the Succubus absolutely refused to work along side. What those reasons were, is unknown.

With the Elf and Human races, the Succubus participated among all ranks and efforts in the war. No job was too menial nor too grand. While they willingly worked wherever there was the greatest need, the leaders of the warring factions wanted them the mostly in combat and research.

Combat was second nature to the Succubus. This would have been a safe bet to make simply by looking at the lean musculature, their natural running speed is one of the fastest of all known bipeds, plus they could jump and glide for long distances with their wings. Give them a sword or blaster, or both, and watch the ballet of death unfold before your eyes.

The Succubus are vastly more advanced technologically than any of the known races. How much more advanced is unknown. No matter what technology they were exposed to, they would always offer ways to improve it. Some Elf and Human personnel were able to coax out more technology secrets than others.

One of these secrets was the “Vim Rondure”. This small ball, no larger than the tip of a Human thumb, held the same amount of energy as the output of a mid-sized interstellar fusion drive. It has been written by numerous historians who speculated about what it was that changed the tides of the war. The time-frame to convert almost all the power systems of the military's fleet to use “Vim Rondure” aligns so closely to the historian dates, it is my belief this one mystery has been solved.

The Vanishing

At some point in time between when the Elf and Human lead forces began consistently winning and the actual end of The Awakening War, the Succubus started vanishing. Regardless of the speculation of why they left, what is known is that they did not leave by themselves. Nor did they leave peacefully.

The scientist that worked to create the “Vim Rondure” was found dead in his lab. His skin, masterfully removed from the body such that it would lay perfectly flat, was fused onto the wall of his lab. The absolutely clean and still whole bones of his skeleton were fused into the opposite wall, perfectly placed. And everything else, muscles, organs, brain, and spine were in a pile in the middle of the lab. All whole with no signs of bruising, cuts, or damage of any kind. Other scientists were “just missing”.

Decorated war heroes and soldiers that had exemplary records were also found dead or missing. There are no records of them leaving their assigned ships or stations. They just vanished without a trace.

As expected, the sudden loss of Scientist and Solders caused a spike of defeats. The military convinced their fighting force and allies that the enemy used traitors and assassins as desperate measure of their impending doom. On the outside, this looked like a move to restore moral and encourage everyone to step up to fill the now empty roles. An effective tactic, as history shows the war was won. However on the inside, the panic was real. The military lost their most powerful fighting force and the scientist lost key technology secrets, including the “Vim Rondure”.


The exact makeup of the home atmosphere for the Succubus is unknown, however it must be similar to our own. In a recorded conversation, a Succubus said that they are used to thicker atmospheres. If their natural habitat offered more air resistance then that would explain their superior fitness. The thicker air would also provide more volume allowing the Succubus to use their wings to fly.

No Succubus ever allowed an Elf or Human to provide medical aid to another Succubus. Therefore we have no solid information about their internal anatomy besides that which we could externally observe.

The natural form of a Succubus is like that of an athletic Elf or Human female with very well developed breasts. Like the myths, they do have wings and a tail. Visual evidence shows that some have horns and the type of wings can vary. Variations with the tip of the tail have also been noted.

The appearance of a Succubus is actually a tricky topic to stay factual. The reason is thus: Succubus have the ability to appear as the perfect object of attraction to their desired viewer. There are videos in which a Succubus walks towards an Elf or Human from the far side of a room changing from their “natural” form, to one Elf race, to a Human, to another Elf race, back to their “natural” form, then having sexual intercourse with the subject. Based on the labeling of the video, we are assured that this was purely for research purposes only.

Succubus are genetically compatible with both the Elf and Human races. During the course of a study, a Succubus became pregnant from an Elf donor and another Succubus became pregnant from a Human donor. The Succubus allowed the observation of the pregnancy and birthing. Any type of medical readings was prohibited, unfortunately. Both Succubus were impregnated on the same day and gave birth on the same day. The duration was 93 standard days. Considering the small sample size, it is unknown if 93 days is a constant or a coincidence. The growth rate of the newborns was about twenty times faster than a Human baby, one month of Succubus growth was equal to about two years of Human growth. Only a few months of growth was observed when the Succubus, their child, and the “fathers” disappeared. Both of the Succubus children were female so we still have no information about the male Succubus. Or even if a male Succubus exists.


The Succubus instantly adapted to the Elf and Human races way of life. Neither in-fighting nor violence of any kind with the Succubus was recorded while they lived among the Elf and Human races, excluding The Vanishing. There is nothing that can be concluded about their culture or their home realm.


This publication is being updated due to receiving new classified video evidence.

About one year after The Vanishing, an Elf Warrior suddenly materialized a few feet above a round table in a military conference room during a meeting of the Generals. The Elf Warrior dropped to the table, blood splattering everyone at the table from the deep lacerations all over his body. After righting himself, he briefs the Generals of the following points:

  • The Succubus are not allies.
  • All the men that returned with the Succubus where being fed to their own children in some “promotion” ritual.

Being so incredibly lucid, even with that much blood loss and pain is a testament to the incredible fortitude of an Elf Warrior.

Unfortunately, it is unknown if that Elf Warrior ultimately survived the ordeal.

Addendum, Part 2

This publication is being updated due to receiving new classified video evidence.

Considering the amount of blood that was on and in the package containing the video evidence, this will very likely be the last update.

The video was a classified interview with the Elf Warrior. Amazingly, the Elf Warrior did survive although heavily scarred. The interview was about what happened before his appearance in the military conference room. The following is what was revealed.

After a Succubus gives birth, the child grows very quickly. Once the child is the equivalent to about a 20 or 25 year old Human, there is a “promotion” ritual. The Succubus is killed if they fail the ritual. If the Succubus passes the ritual, she is allowed to select which “Confirmed Mother” to study under. To become a “Confirmed Mother”, a Succubus must have a certain number of children pass the ritual.

The ritual process is simple, the Succubus child must kill and eat their father.

The Elf Warrior was (intentionally?) vague about what happened in the ritual arena. However on the subject of leaving the Succubus world, he did say that with a very good understanding of star-maps, the trans-realm portal device was easy to figure out and operate.